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A unique bathing experience

Showercare® the innovative solution for bed baths

With running hot water, the patient can enjoy a bath with high standards of hygiene, comfort and privacy, without having to move from his bed.
At the same time, it reduces the risk of accidents at work for health professionals, acting simultaneously in the control and prevention of infections associated
with health care.

It comprehends 3 different components,
each one with its purpose, but which complement each other to give an outstanding experience.

It allows children, youth, adults, and the elderly with a high degree of dependence, either by motor disability or therapeutic indication, to enjoy a bath with a high standards of hygiene, comfort and privacy, while at the same time with the reduction in the risk of accidents at work for health professionals who assist them, namely about their transfers, acting simultaneously in the control and prevention of HAI – Hospital Acquired Infections. infections associated with health care.

Showercare® SAGH

Hygiene Management System

1. The SAGH is a piece of equipment that provides hot running water, with the capacity for multiple baths, shampoo, and on-site wastewater management;

2. All wastewater is immediately neutralized through an integrated disinfection and sterilization system;

3. The SAGH has a redundant water filtration system that ensures that all water used is inert (free of microorganisms);

Its coating is also antiviral and antibacterial to prevent contamination.

SAGH allows users to have full control over the bath parameters, allowing healthcare professionals to refocus their attention on other tasks.


Showercare® Docking Station

SAGH rests on a docking station

  1. It is able to automatically charge, discharge, and self–clean.
  2. Only needs 3 minutes to complete all the process;
  3. Ecologic;
  4. Easy to install.

The Docking Station is installed in a specific, but existing area reserved for the dumping and cleaning of hospital equipment.

Showercare® DMP
Data Management Platform

Due to the intelligent control of the DMP, it is possible for health facilities to have access to information about the operation of the equipment and to manage the resources dedicated to hygiene.

This induces traceability throughout the process, ensuring better control over the dynamics and management of the health care activities.


Shellty Pro EVO is a high-tech textile lining with just one-millimetre thickness that acts as an extra protection for patients and is fully compatible with Showercare® .

Combined with Showercare® allows the healthcare professional to provide a bed bath for patients with running water, without having to change the sheets.

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