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Healthcare professionals with reduced work,
patients with high degree of satisfaction.

What is Shellty Pro Evo?

Shellty Pro Evo is made up of an innovative textile with high hydrophobicity, impermeability and breathability, developed to help and protect people with dependence in the self-care of hygiene and mobility, providing a cleaner and more comfortable day-to-day.

1. Biocompatible and breathable, permanently kept in bed for all types of patients;
2. It protects the patient’s environment and increases the durability of the mattress;
3. It adapts to any standard mattress and/or hospital bed.

Shellty Pro Evo can be used for all types of patients, regardless of their degree of dependency. In case they are totally dependent and need a bath, the Shellty Pro Evo sheet (combined with Showercare) allows the healthcare professional to provide a bed bath for patients with running water, without having to change the sheets.



Competitive Advantages

72 h (3 days) of use on the same patient without the need to change sheets;

Shellty Pro Evo only needs to be washed three times a week, which saves resources such as water, electricity and, most importantly, working hours per week.

Permanently in the patient’s bed;

Direct contact with the patient’s skin (biocompatible);

Completely replaces currenatly used sheets (cotton);

Integrated kit with patient lateralization protection.


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