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Thinking of the little ones and the peaceful nights they deserve, we created Shellty Kids, a soft and breathable bedding, ideal for cribs, but also for older children.

Shellty Kids is an anti-liquid, breathable and antimicrobial barrier that allows, on the most complicated nights, to be cleaned quickly, without the need to change the sheet or risk of staining the mattress.

It can be machine washed at low temperatures and without ironing.
Material obtained and manufactured sustainably in Portugal and free of harmful substances.

Deliveries in 1-2 business days.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Shellty Kids Sheet (90×200)
  • 1 Pillowcase (50x70cm)

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Shellty Kids

The Revolutionary 3 in 1 bed sheet

The baby will love it, and mom and dad
will have more time to rest.

Sleeping well is essential for children’s growth, development and general well-being. However, parents often encounter challenges when it comes to ensuring that their children enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.
As parents, we understand the challenges of keeping your child’s bed clean and ensuring uninterrupted sleep. Dealing with urination accidents in young children can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often requiring frequent bedsheet changes.
That’s why we developed the Shellty Kids bed sheet, designed specifically to simplify urination accidents without having to change sheets.

What is Shellty Kids?

Shellty Kids is a 3-in-1 sheet that combines a mattress cover, bottom sheet and cover, providing a continuous, comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment for little ones.
Features and benefits that make this sheet an essential addition to every child’s room.

Hydrophobic technology

Say goodbye to worries about spills, accidents or nighttime incidents!
Our 3-in-1 sheet has advanced hydrophobic technology, which creates a protective barrier against liquids, preventing them from penetrating and staining the mattress.
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your child’s sleeping environment remains clean and sanitized, without the need to immediately change the sheets or risk damaging the mattress.

Quick and easy cleaning

Nighttime accidents happen, but cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle.
Shellty Kids is designed to be easily cleaned without the need for immediate changes. Clean up any spills or dirt without delay.

Breathable and Comfortable

The soft and smooth fabric allows for a comfortable sleep throughout the night.


With Shellty Kids, you can say goodbye to the hassle of frequent sheet changes, maintaining a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for your child.
Shellty Kids offers a comprehensive solution to simplify your bedtime routine, no need to juggle multiple layers of clothing or protective covers, or even worry about spills staining your mattress. Save time and effort.
Enjoy peace of mind and ensure your child has a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep..

Cleaning and Maintenance


Shellty Kids – Product File – PT

Fronha de Almofada – Product File – PT

Washing Temperature – 30º
Do not use bleach
Dry at minimum temperature
Do not pass
Do not dry clean

Consult our size guide to find out what size your sheet is suitable for.