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Shaping Healthier Futures

Ihcare – Innovation Hospital Care, Lda – we are a company  located in the Central Interior Region of Portugal, district of Coimbra.
It is committed to give an effective response to all its stakeholders – patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities administrations.

Showercare® is an all-in-one solution for patients in-bed hygiene with running warm water,

which allows  children, youth, adults, and the elderly with a high degree of dependence, either by motor disability or therapeutic indication, to enjoy a bath with a high  standards of hygiene, comfort and privacy, while at the same time with the reduction in the risk of accidents at work for health professionals who assist them, namely about their transfers, acting simultaneously in the control and prevention of HAI – Hospital Acquired Infections. infections associated with health care.

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Shellty is a high-tech textile lining with antiviral, antibacterial, and hydrophobic characteristics that replace all the regular cotton lower sheets (from patients’ bed). This new linning is biocompatible and breathable, permanently kept on the bed with two different goals to be used by all patients regardless of whether they are bedridden or not and in case these patients are totally dependent and need to be bathed in bed, the shellty (in the combined version with showercare) allows the healthcare professional to bathe in bed without having to change sheets (it’s two in one).
The iVext was developed to help in viral transmission decreasing because almost every health ambience surfaces haven’t innate antimicrobial properties.This product has an antiviral and antibacterial coating that can be applied to the most existing health ambience surfaces with efficiency. It is easy to apply, it dries quickly, has waterproof and abrasion resistance and it only needs to be reapplied every 2 to 3 months.